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Air Condition

Air conditioning service at TyreCityUK Creditline, Dudley.

An air conditioning system needs regular maintenance, so it can always function properly and effectively. Our TyreCityUK Creditline team also checks your air conditioning system during every maintenance service. But you can, of course, have your air conditioning system checked and maintained separately whenever you want to get it done.

During an air conditioning system maintenance, cooling capacity, the pressures in various systems of the air conditioning system, the tightness, and much more. In addition, the refrigerant is conditioned and topped up. At the end of the maintenance, a comprehensive function check is carried out.

The air conditioning system may emit unpleasant odours during operation at some point, which are usually caused due to a contaminated evaporator unit. If your air conditioner releases unpleasant odours, we clean and disinfect the evaporator unit.

Advice for the care of your air conditioner

We are often asked by our customers how they can "properly" operate and maintain their air conditioning system to prevent breakdowns and damage. Unfortunately, there are no clear recommendations from the manufacturers, but we have two general, proven tips for you:

Switch on your air conditioner even in winter: Of course, you usually don't need the air conditioner during the winter months. However, you should still switch on your air conditioning for 10 minutes approximately every 2-3 weeks in winter. This removes accumulated air pollution and prevents corrosion damage.

Switch off your air conditioner 10 minutes before the end of your journey. This allows the evaporator unit to dry out and prevents unpleasant musty odours. In any case, it is advisable to leave the air conditioning off for short journeys.

Whether your vehicle's air-conditioning system is causing you trouble or you would just like to get it checked to make sure everything is all right, you can now stop your search for the "best air conditioning service near me". Please come to see us for an Airconditioning Service Dudley, Birmingham and our friendly TyreCity Creditline team will help you.


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