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Are you looking for Alloy Wheels for your vehicle?

Are you thinking about upgrading the looks of your vehicle?

What about getting new alloy wheels?

Here at our TyreCityUK Creditline workshop, you will find a fantastic range of these beautiful, impressive wheels.

Aesthetics at a great price!

But good looks are not everything...

Here are some advantages of alloy wheels

Alloy is not a mix of different metals, like Aluminium, Magnesium and even Nickel.

These unique wheels are made through so-called "gravity casting".

This procedure and metal mixture make it possible to create different designs.

That's the main reason more and more people opt for alloy wheels instead of steel rims.

Here at TyreCityUk Creditline in Dudley, we sell a variety of alloys with different surface-finishes and beautiful designs and colours.

Types of finishes we have available. 

  • Chrome-plating 
     Layers of Copper, Chromium and Nickel create a mirror-like reflection
  • Powder coating 
    Would you rather go for amatte finish? Then this might be THE option for you
  • Hand-polished finish, top-coating optional 
     Nice and shiny.

Apart from the good looks, alloy wheels can also make a difference in a car's performance and fuel efficiency because they are much lighter with less rolling-resistance.

Sounds good?

Great! So, all you have to do now is to come to see us.

Our enthusiastic experts will show you around, and you can choose the alloy wheels you like at your own time. 

Are you struggling a bit moneywise these days but still want to treat yourself?

We can help you. You can now buy alloy wheels from TyreCityUK Creditline and pay in convenient instalments.

12 months interest-free!

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