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We recommend the best and most economical tyre alternative for all vehicles.

Whether it's country roads or Formula 1, the safest car and the most powerful engine are hardly worth anything without the right tyres.

Because tyres are the only contact with the asphalt, here the power is transferred onto the road: on an area the size of four postcards!

For more driving fun and more safety, please pay special attention to your tyres and wheels.

Our service for you: Trained specialists will give you competent and product-neutral advice on tyres, wheels and car services.

Continuous training ensures that the extensive product knowledge of our service staff is always up to date.

We supplement this know-how with state-of-the-art assembly, testing, measuring and adjustment technology.

And that means for you: top advice, top service!

Our aim is to ensure the optimum driving characteristics, so the service life of your tyres is maintained for as long as possible because tyres are valuable high-performance products

and an essential investment in your safety.

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Please don't worry. With TyreCityUK Creditline you can buy the tyres you need.

We know how difficult it is these days, so we at TyreCityUK have decided to offer our new TyreCityUK Creditline services to our customers.

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So, since you have the financial worries out of the way, you can now browse this page and the rest of our website in peace. We hope you will find our information pages helpful so you can make an informed decision.

  • Tyre pressure

Too little tyre pressure leads to longer

braking distance, worse driving stability,

higher tyre wear and fuel consumption. Even if there is a

Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed

you should not rely on it only.

Manual control from time to time is advised.

Come to us at any time and we will do it for you free of charge.

  • Tread depth

The tread depth is an essential safety feature of the tyres. Even though by law a minimum of 1,6 mm is still enough, experts

recommend a minimum tread depth for summer tyres of 3 mm for safety reasons, for winter tyres, including all-season tyres, a tread of 4 mm.

  • Collision- and wear damage

Hitting curbs or fast driving through a pothole can damage the tyres and can sooner or later even cause the tyres to burst.

But also remember, fast driving off after a stop puts an excessive strain on tyres,

wheel bearing, axle suspension and body.

*Tyres should be balanced regularly (you can find detailed information about balancing and alignment right here on our website).

Tyre age

Tyres should not be older than ten years,

as the rubber compound becomes porous and more susceptible to damages.

The DOT number indicates the

production date of the tyres:

The first two numbers stand for the calendar week,

the last two for the year of production.

For example: Tyres with the DOT number 1213 have been produced

of the 12th calendar week in 2013.

When you buy new tyres Dudley, we will always make sure, you only get tyres with a new DOT as we thoroughly check the age and quality of our tyres as soon as they arrive at our garage from our suppliers.

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You can order cheap summer tyres Dudley online plus book a fitting appointment as well. Give us a call or come directly to our workshop.

In case you need help deciding which ones to go for, please get in touch. We will help you.

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