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With increasing electronics and dwindling mechanisms in modern cars, the susceptibility to faults also increases. These then manifest themselves in the form of error messages on the display panel.

But it is not only computer programs on the PC that can freeze or seize up. The software and technology in vehicles can also cause a wide variety of problems. As with all technically complex devices, it is, therefore, advisable to run through diagnostic programs regularly and have the fault memory readout.

But what exactly is the data collected? How can any errors be rectified?

As part of the control unit of modern vehicles - from trucks to motorbikes - the fault memory is intended to collect problems which are detected in the field of technology, mechanics, sensor technology or electronics in vehicles. A diagnosis of the functionality of the individual vehicle equipment is carried out regularly. If deficits or possible faults are detected, the control unit records them.

This process is made possible above all by linking all vehicle elements and installing countless sensors. Problems on the axles, brake discs, oil levels, brake fluid, the assistance systems and the software itself can thus be quickly detected.

By reading out the fault memory, our Engine diagnostics Dudley experts can quickly identify defects at an early stage during an inspection, for example, which could lead to greater risk if they are not rectified.

The regular automated analysis by the control unit can detect any problems and store them in the fault memory. Reading out this collected data is then comparatively easy so that our technicians can eliminate all defects in a targeted manner.

In the end, engine diagnostics Dudley can above all increase the service life of the vehicle and reduce the overall repair costs through early intervention.

The OBD-II interface represents the access point through which this memory can be read out. It is a plug-in connection to which an external device must be connected. It is often located next to the steering wheel behind a cover.

OBD-II device for reading and erasing the fault memory

A special diagnostic device is required to read out the error memory. This is connected to the vehicle's control unit via the OBD-II interface.

Engine diagnostics Dudley, Birmingham - what we use:

The devices we use are equipped with special software for reading out the fault memory. On an integrated, small display, it shows the error messages stored in the memory device, including the four-digit error codes. Not every error displayed is relevant or is to be considered a problem. Some of the errors are due to incorrect measured values.

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With the help of the diagnosis unit, these error messages can be deleted from the error memory. The elimination of relevant and serious errors is done by repair work on the corresponding components, topping up engine oil, changing the brake fluid, etc.

Suppose you have the error memory of your vehicle readout regularly. In that case, it will be possible to detect errors and defects via cheap engine diagnostics Dudley at an early stage and to rectify them if necessary before they cause major damage and can lead to expensive repair costs. If the indicator light flashes on display in the cockpit of your car, you should bring your car by as soon as possible to read out the error. In this way, you can avoid major damage and unnecessary costs.

Engine diagnostics Dudley - TyreCityUK Creditline

What do we offer?

  • Reading the fault memory with the help of superior hardware and software.

  • Error diagnosis and analysis of the error code

  • If necessary, preparation of a cost estimate for the repair.

  • Deleting the error code from the error memory (if necessary, after repair)

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