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Brake Services

The brake system

As you surely know, the regular inspection of the components and the braking performance of your car is of utmost importance for your safety.

According to the manufacturer's instructions, the brake fluid should be renewed annually or at least every two years, as its hygroscopic properties that means, that it absorbs water components and vapour bubbles can form in the system when the brake system heats up (the braking effect diminishes).

The brake pads and the brake discs are subject to regular wear. The wear of the brake pads- and discs also depend on your driving style and braking behaviour.

In order to avoid danger and unnecessary additional costs, your car's brakes should be checked regularly, brake pads changed on time, and brake discs should be replaced when necessary.

Sometimes it's also porous rubber lines or corroded brake lines that are causing trouble.

During our standard brake safety inspection, we also make sure we check the brakes are worn evenly.

A thorough check of the brake system is certainly also included in our vehicle service - whether you bring your vehicle to us for an interim-, full- or seasonal service, we will make sure, everything is ok, and you are safe on the road.

You should also get your vehicle (brakes included) checked before your car's next MOT test. Many vehicles fail the test due to worn brake pads etc.


Since this is all about your safety, we will carry out any brake checks/repairs, even on short notice.

When carrying out a brake service Dudley at TyreCityUK Creditline, our experts will only use the best spare parts and brake fluid.

A vibrating brake pedal or dragging noises can be the first signs of a fault in the braking system. Can you no longer clearly feel the brake point? In this case, the braking force is distributed unevenly. This fault could even cause it to break out of the track when braking.

So, stop searching the internet for the "best brake service" near me.

Come to us as soon as possible, and we will help.

Our team will have a good look at your brakes first before telling you what needs doing and giving you a non-obligatory estimate. This way, you can make an informed decision.

Best Brake Service Dudley - TyreCityUK Creditline.

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