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Are you looking for Wheel Refurbishment for your vehicle?

Wheel Refurbishment

Have you ever thought about getting your car's wheels refurbished? Wheel refurbishment Dudley at TyreCity Creditline is a cost-effective way to repair damages and change/modify your vehicle's appearance.

TyreCityUK Creditline as one of the largest vehicle servicing stations in Dudley and the surrounding area, are offering alloy wheel "refurb" services to our customers. Quality work at an affordable price—cosmetic as well as functional upgrades.

Your options

1. A standard factory refurb of your vehicle's alloy wheels. Please note:

You need to bring us the rims (no tyre on).

2. The premium refurbishment Dudley, Birmingham = complete refurbishment, re-fitting of the tyres tyre, change of valves, plus balancing.

Please post your wheels and tyres to us. After the work has been done, we will return the wheels to you via courier, ready to be re-fitted.

3.The Uber solution is the absolute best way to refurbish your alloy wheels. The complete package - complete factory refurbishment, valves, balancing, tyre-fitting and re-mounting.

If you have any unique requirements, please contact our TyreCityUK Creditline team. We are confident we can offer you the right option for your car.

TyreCityUk Creditline Dudley.


We offer two different alloy wheel colouring types - the standard, and the special colouring. The standard consists of a range of matte, gloss, black metallic, white, silver or anthracite colouring etc. The special is a tailor-made combination (platinum, black, smoked, chrome, with shadow effects and of course, personalised colour options.

At TyreCityUK Creditline, our specialists only use the best powder coat finish.

There is hardly any alloy wheel refurbishment work Dudley we cannot do.


Would you like to get your wheels refurbished but are hesitating because of the costs?

We have been approached by many customers since the Covid-19 outbreak requesting more payment options for tyres, repairs, services etc.

We want to make your life a bit easier. You can now buy/book and pay in monthly instalments 12 months interest free!

So get in touch if you require wheel refurbishment Dudley, Birmingham, or any other services.

Please have a good look at our TyreCityUK website. If you need more information, help or advice, please get in touch.

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