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Hankook Tyres

Founded in 1941, in the early industrialisation era of Korea, Hankook started with the name Chosun Tire Company. In 1968, the company changed its name to Hankook Tire Manufacturing. Owing to its undying commitment to innovation and quality, Hankook is now the seventh largest tyre company in the world.

Whether you drive a passenger car, an SUV, a van or a truck, you will find an ideal set of Hankook car tyres for any vehicle.

With a production capacity of 102 million units, this Korean company manufactures superior quality summer, winter and all-season.

Hankook car tyres Dudley

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What can we offer?

  • Hankook summer tyres

Both dry, rough roads and wet, slippery surfaces create unpleasant driving issues and affect the fuel economy as well. Hankook's summer tyres are made of a unique hard compound that enhances traction and improves driving comfort on wet and dry roads.

Some of the best Hankook tyres Dudley, Birmingham for summer are Ventus S1evo2, Ventus R-s3 and Vantra LT. These tyres provide improved fuel economy efficiently by minimising the rolling resistance.

  • Hankook winter tyres

With a higher natural rubber content, Hankook's winter tyres have a softer structure which helps them to retain their flexibility even below 7-degree Celcius.

One of the top-selling Hankook winter tyres is i*cept evo3 that provides optimal driving experience even in extreme winters. It provides excellent control on snow, advanced wet performance and stable dry handling efficiency as well.

  • Hankook all-season tyres

Hankook provides top-quality car tyres Dudley, constructed with an appropriate mix of summer and winter tyre technologies.

Their latest all-season tyre is the Dynapro MT2, tailored for SUVs and light trucks. It enhances off-road performance besides improving riding comfort and durability.

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