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The main job of a car's clutch is to cut the transmission to the engine to change gears. It does a lot more than that though. The clutch prevents the car engine from stalling while moving at a minimum speed. When pressing the car's clutch pedal, it also slows the vehicle down

Frequent use of the clutch, for example in traffic jams will lead to normal wear which can't be avoided. That sort of wear should be checked and repaired if necessary, on time to avoid any further issues.

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Signs of clutch issues

1. The clutch "slips"

A very common symptom. It basically means, the clutch-plate is no longer engaging/disengaging,. Shifting gears becomes difficult. When releasing the clutch, the engine RPM will go up, without increased acceleration.

In such a situation, we strongly advisable you not to wait and ignore these signs but avail a clutch service Dudley at TyreCityUK Creditline ASAP.

1. Soft clutch pedal

Usually, a clutch pedal must be pressed fairly rigid. If you notice a change like a soft "spongy" behaviour when pressing down the pedal, something is clearly not right.

Have you noticed vibrations or awkward noises when pressing the clutch and shifting gears?

You must then take your car to our TyreCityUK Creditline Clutch repairs Dudley workshop immediately.

It does not matter which ones of the signs you are noticing, the clutch needs repairing.

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