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Why should I have a car service done regularly?

This question is asked by one or the other driver and may sound familiar to you. We will explain why regular car services are so vital for your car.

Modern cars are becoming more and more advanced, have more electronic assistance, information and entertainment systems than ever before and should get you from A to B reliably and safely every day.

For the car servicing Dudley, you need an expert who knows exactly what to do.

To ensure that you can enjoy your car for a long time to come and that it continues to accompany you safely and reliably, it is worth investing in the maintenance of your car and regular servicing.

The three most important reasons why you should bring your car to the car service station Dudley regularly:

1. Secure receipt of the manufacturer's warranty & goodwill

New vehicles usually have a manufacturer's warranty of 24 to 48 months. To ensure that defects occurring during this period are covered by the warranty, a proper and regular inspection is mandatory.

If you miss a car service, you may face huge difficulties with a warranty claim.

Outside the warranty period, the manufacturer can (but does not have to) cover damage as a gesture of goodwill if you can show that your car has always been well serviced and that all work has been carried out correctly. So, the chances are good that the manufacturer will contribute to the repair costs.

2. Spread the costs, avoid major damage

If you bring your car in for vehicle servicing Dudley, Birmingham at TyreCityUK Creditline once or twice a year for an interim- or full service or every two years for a major inspection - all depending on the mileage you do, you won't be faced with too high bills.

The TyreCityUK Creditline team will help you with the right car service Dudley for your car.

It becomes expensive and unforeseen when defective parts or consumable parts that have exceeded their wear point cause consequential damage. For example, if the timing belt tears, you can at best use the engine of your car as a stylish coffee table.

3. Higher resale value in the second-hand market

"How do I achieve a high resale value?"

A regularly, well-maintained car naturally achieves a higher sales value than a neglected rust bucket. The service booklet shows how well and regularly a professional has looked after your car. "Chequebook-maintained" or "all service done" is what it says on the used car portals. And of course, this is also reflected financially. Service work is, therefore always an investment in the future of your car.

So that you get the best for your money, TyreCityUK Creditline presents the most interesting service offers to you.

When do I have to get the car serviced?

Depending on the manufacturer and model, service intervals are prescribed. Usually, a full service is required at 12,000 miles or after one year (around 75 points are checked and filters changed), an interim service should be carried out at around six months or 6000 miles (about 50 check points and oil filter change). A major service after 12 or 24 months (around 80 points are checked, oil, filters etc. are changed). In any case, this is also stated in the service booklet or the car's operating instructions, where you will always find the next service appointment.

Modern cars show you on your dashboard or in a separate display when the service is due.

A regular car inspection Dudley is essential for an intact vehicle. If these inspections are carried out reliably at regular intervals, there will be no unpleasant surprises and the next MOT test will run smoothly.

Is there anything I have to bring with my car on the day of service?

  • If your car has a spare wheel in the boot, please empty the space for easy access so we can have a look at it.
  • Bring the locking wheel nut key (needed especially for a full- or major service)
  • The service book
  • The log book

This is it. Relax and leave the rest to us.

You think you can't afford a car service these days?

Please don't worry. We are doing our best to help. With TyreCityUK Creditline you can now pay in instalments - 12 months interest free!

Stop looking for "car service near me". You have now found the best place to go. We are confident, you will be happy with the price and services provided by our friendly experts.

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