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Firestone Tyres

Harvey Firestone founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in the year 1900. Initially, this enterprise supplied side-wire tyres for firefighting apparatus. In the later years, it started manufacturing pneumatic tyres for buggies, wagons and other wheeled transportation available in that period.

With time, Firestone improved its R&D section tremendously, churning out newer and innovative technologies and gradually cementing its name as one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world.

If you are searching for a reliable auto garage to buy Firestone tyres, you can visit our facility . Our inventory includes a comprehensive collection of Firestone tyres, suitable for all cars plying the British roads.

Listed below are the Firestone tyre families that sell like hotcakes at our facility.

1. Destination

Individuals who drive SUVs, CUVs or trucks can opt for Firestone Destination tyres. The tyre models from this family ensure a quiet and comfortable driving experience on different terrains. Some of the most popular Firestone tyres from this category are:

  • Destination A/T2
  • Destination LE3
  • Destination X/T
  • Destination LE2
  • Destination M/T2, etc.

2. Firehawk

Firestone Firehawk tyre models are dedicated to sports cars and other high-end vehicles. These high-performance tyres are upgraded with the newest technologies so that they can offer excellent handling performance and braking on both dry and wet roads. Some models from this tyre range are:

  • Firehawk INDY 500
  • Firehawk AS
  • Firehawk GTA-2, etc.

3. Transforce

Are you in search of car tyres Oxford that can resist accelerated wear and tear?

The Firestone Transforce tyres can be your ideal choice. There are four popular models in this category, namely:

  • Transforce HT2
  • Transforce H/T
  • Transforce A/T
  • Transforce AT2, etc.

4. Winterforce

Firestone Winterforce tyres are perfect for use during extremely low temperatures. They are capable of offering solid grip and shorter braking distances on snowy surfaces. This range has three best-selling models for you to choose from, and they are:

  • Winterforce LT
  • Winterforce 2
  • Winterforce 2 UV, etc.

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